D5 Render 1.9 New Top Features Overview

November 12, 2021
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D5 Render released their newest version, 1.9. It’s really amazing the development speed of this rendering software and the features each new version has!

In this video I’ll go through the best features:

  1. Added time and latitude/longitude control for Geo and Sky system
  2. Supported separate adjustment for Sky Light and Background Light Intensity
  3. Foliage Material template(Double-Sided)
  4. Extended Model Replacement feature to support replacing with models in Asset Library
  5. Supported Color adjustment for plant assets  
  6. Optimized the Fog reflection effect, added the Sunlight Tindal effect support for specular reflection
  7. Press Z to quickly focus on the model
  8. Press F11 to hide the Right-side Inspector panel in the window
  9. Supported   Shift   shortcut to accelerate value change in the Mouse Drag Input Box
  10. Light Radius parameter for Point Light and Spotlight
  11. Added 412 Asian Plants
  12. Added mapping for Emissive Light

Watch it here

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