How to Add Surface Imperfections in Lumion – Increase Realism of your 3d Renders

This was a video that many people kept asking me to do because as you know in the real world, surfaces are full of dust, fingerprints, and other imperfections and randomness that you don’t get in the 3d world. Computer-generated images are with perfect edges, perfect clean surfaces. 

This is why usually 3d renders feel that something is missing and it’s not realistic. Because we are so used to seeing those in the real world, but when they are missing from a 3d render, our eyes are quite good at detecting these missing details.

For starters, I have to say that this technique is not the ideal one and takes a bit more time to make than in other render engines, but as you know, Lumion doesn’t have an extra slot for detail map to add these detail imperfections. But honestly, I think it gets the job done!

Watch it here

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