D5 Render 2.0 New Top Features Overview

November 12, 2021
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D5 Render just released their biggest update so far, version 2.0. 

This new update comes with a lot of changes, starting with the completely redesigned user interface! They listened to a lot of the features the community was asking for, and in this video, I’ll go through my top 11 features of D5 Render 2.0, which include:

  1. Redesigned User Interface
  1. Path Tool
  1. Weather System: Clouds
  1. Weather System: Wind
  1. Grass material
  1. Supported up to 16K export for photos and panoramas
  1. Material Library
  1. Track Scene Resources and FPS tool
  1. Search and Favorite
  1. Temperature parameter for emissive materials
  1. Performance Improvements

Watch it here

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